So Sugar, Much Hit: Sugar Hit, Melbourne

Photography by Michael Allen Photography.

I hate an over-hyped foodie event as much as the next guy. Especially when the venue is swarming with people, being overwhelmed + peer pressure can leave some easily impressed. This leaves me in a pretty awkward position. You see, I’m Asian – I’m super-competitive by nature, and often experience unparalleled levels of FOMO. I will do anything just to win, especially when it comes to food – and that’s where Sugar Hit Melbourne comes in to play.

IMG_7118Hosted by Krimper Cafe in Melbourne’s CBD, Sugar Hit is a themed dessert event, with collaborations from Melbourne dessert royalty LuxBite, N2 Extreme Gelato, Mork Chocolate, and Wondersnack & Co., and this month’s theme of K-Pop got me real excited in my pants.

IMG_7105I love everything Korean (especially Leo and his magnificent perm), and after having a warming Korean hotpot feast for dinner, decided to brave the queues and head on past Sugar Hit to get a little sugar hit. Doors opened at 6.30pm, and by 6.34pm the line was already the length of the block. We were pretty apprehensive (it was cold, I had already probably consumed more food than my body could take, much hype), and considered leaving, but were approached by a Yelp Melbourne representative with VIP wristbands just in time. Thumbs up for mailing lists.

IMG_7109Not only did our wristbands give us immediate entry, they also let us cut straight to the front of each line to order. An hour later, and in a sugared daze, we spotted the couple who had been waiting in line just in front of us, still waiting to get in to the venue. Win. Thanks, Yelp!

Interior K-Pop inspired decorations were by #playlaneway, and Photobooth by Doux had a sweet instant print set up, straight down the Krimper.


IMG_7122I have a pretty low sweet tolerance, so am currently in a ridiculous sugar coma and can’t really sentence good because hard, so scroll down to induce mad dessert envy, excitement in yo’ belly and yo’ naughty bits, and see what made the cut in our K-Pop dessert degustation!


Krimper Cafe’s Savoury Food offerings – Korean Fried Chicken (6.0), Gangnam Fries w/ garlic, red pepper + kimchi mayo (6), Tteokbokki (6.0), Beef Bulgogi Slider (6.0)



Wondersnack & Co.’s nutty samples. No balls included.




Mörk ChocolateDark Hot Chocolate w/ Yuzu + Warm Custard (5.0) + Rice Pudding Hot Chocolate w/ Black Sesame Biscuit (5.0) + Mörk Chocolate x LuxBite – Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate (5.0)



N2 Extreme Gelato Melona’s Melons – Melon Gelato w/ Honeydew, Rambutan + Coconut Jelly, finished with crystallised Coconut Shards + Yuzu Sake pipette (8.0) – I normally find N2’s offerings too sweet for my liking, and can usually only have a couple of spoonfuls before my body hates me, however this was really well balanced with the little bitterness from the fresh melon and fruit contrasting with the extreme decadence of the rest of the dessert.


LuxBite TUBE – Strawberry Compote, Korean Gold Leaf Plum Wine Jelly, Black Sesame Milk, Whipped Cream, Mochi, Raspberry Meringue (9.0)




LuxBite #nextlevel CHOCO.PIE – Choco Tart w/ Whipped Green Tea Ganache, Dark Chocolate coated Yuzu Marshmallow + Caramelised Rice Puff (9.0)



Luxbite x N2 Toasted Waffle, Brown Sugar, + Cinnamon Sauce, Hazelnuts, Roasted Rice Tea Gelato + Tea Honey, Red Bean, Peanut Butter Snow (10.0)

Krimper on Urbanspoon

LuxBite on Urbanspoon

N2 Extreme Gelato on Urbanspoon

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